My Books and Publications in Journal and other media


My books:

  1. The Recipes of the St. Margaret Mary’s Church –Recipe book
  2. Should we believe in God, Allah or other Deities? – About Religion and my believes
  3. The Three Revolutionaries – My family history
  4. Journey to the Big World – My global travels
  5. The Stroke – I suffered a severe Stroke
  6. Death Can Wait – I had a Prostate Cancer
  7. If It wasn’t for celibacy, I would have been a Priest – Short stories about living

List of publications

Hegyi, F.  1964.   Forest Inventory in British Guiana. Edinburgh University Forestry Society. Sylva 44 pp 13-14
Hegyi, F.,  1969.  A Study of Basic Density Variation in Jack Pine.  M.Sc.F. Thesis, University of Toronto.  85p.
Hegyi, F.,  1969.  Periodic Mean Annual Increment and the Derivative in Growth Prediction.  Forest Res. Lab., Sault Ste. Marie.  Information Report O-X-140.                  36p.
Hegyi, F.,  1971.   Introduction to Programming an IBM 360/25 in “Basic FORTRAN IV” Language.  Forest Res. Lab., Sault Ste. Marie.  Information Report O-X-                152.  49p.
Hegyi, F.,  1972.  Dry Matter Distribution in Jack Pine stands in Northern Ontario.  Forestry Chronicle 48(4): pp 193-197.
Hegyi, F.,  1973.  Optimum Plot Dimensions for Experimental Designs in jack Pine Stands.  Forest Res. Lab., Sault Ste. Marie.  Information Report O-X-181.                  15p.
Hegyi, F.,  1974.  Planning of Experiments and Our Biases.  Proc. Applied Statistics Workshop, Environment Canada, Ottawa.  4p.
Hegyi, F. and Tucker, T.L., 1974.  Testing Silvicultural Treatments by Computer Simulation.  Proc. Conifer Fertilization Workshop, Sault Ste. Marie.  Canadian                             Forestry
Hegyi, F.,  1974.  What We Found:  Growth Response Evaluation of Fertilizer Trials in Jack Pine – Dryden Field Trials.  Proc.  Conifer Fertilization Workshop,                Sault Ste. Marie.
Hegyi, F.,  1974.  A Simulation Model for Managing Jack Pine Stands.  In Growth Models for Tree and Stand Simulation.  Proc. Int. Union Forest Res. Org.,                    Vancouver, 1973.  Edited by J. Fries.  pp 74-90.
Hegyi, F.,  1974.  Forest Stand Modeling Experience in Canada:  An Overview for the Management Forester.  Proc. Joint Workshop of Midwest Forest                      Mensurationists and Biometricians, School of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin.  pp15-19.
Hegyi, F.,  1974.  Computer Simulation Helps manage Our Forests.  Canadian Data Systems 6:33.
Hegyi, F.,  1975.  Growth Modeling in an Operational Planning Context.  Proc. Workshop on Canadian Forest Inventory Methods, Canadian Intitute                       of  Forestry.  University of Toronto Press.  pp 224-239.
Glew, D.R.,  Hegyi, F. and Honer, T.G., 1976.  Data Base Requirements for Growth Models in the Computer Assisted Resource Planning System in British                       Columbia.  Proc. VI IUFRO World Congress, Norway.  pp 74-85.

Hegyi, F.,  1979.  “Automation Improves Methods of Forest Management and Inventory”.  In Proceedings of the                                                  International Symposium on Cartography  and  Computing:  Applications in health and Environment.  Volume I, pp 554-558
Hegyi, F.,  1979.  “Automation Improves Methods of Forest Management and Inventory”.  In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cartography and                  Computing:  Applications in health and Environment.  Volume I, pp 554-558
Hegyi, F.,  1980.  Overview of forest and Range Inventory in British Columbia.  In Proceedings of the Ecological Data Processing and Interpretation Workshop,                  Victoria, British Columbia.  pp 1-16.
Hegyi, F. and Quenet, R.V., 1981.  Forest Classification System Considerations.  In In-Place ResourceInventories:  Principles and Practices, Proceedings of a                    National Workshop, Society of American Foresters, University of Maine, August 9-14, 1981.  Pp 69-74.
Hegyi, F. and Quenet, R.V., 1982.  Updating the Forest Inventory Data Base in British Columbia.  In Remote Sensing for Resource Management.  Iowa:  Soil                  conservation Society of America:  Ch. 46 pp 512-518.
Hegyi, F. and Sallaway, P., 1983.  Integration of Vector and Grid Data Bases in B.C. Forest Inventory.  In Auto Carto Six, Proceedings of the Sixth International                  Symposium on Automated Cartography.  Vol. I:  pp 215 – 221.
Hegyi, F. and Quenet, R.V., 1983.  Integration of Remote Sensing and Computer Assisted Mapping Technology in Forestry:  Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing,                Vol. 9(2), pp 92-98.
Hegyi, F.,  1983. Mapping and Satellite Image Analysis for Forest Inventory.  In Proceedings, Renewable Resource Inventories for Monitoring Changes and                   Trends, Oregon State University, Corvallis.
Hegyi, F.,  1988.  Key Factors in an Operational GIS for Land Use Planning.  In Report of a Workshop on GIS:  Geographic Information Systems, ESCAP/UNDP,                Bangkok, Thailand.
Hegyi, F.,  1989.  The Role of GIS in Provincial Inventories.  In Proceedings, GIS 89:  A Wider Perspective, Vancouver, Canada.
Hegyi, F.,  1989.  Possibilities and Problems in Organizing an Inventory and Monitoring Project in the Conditions of Developing Countries, Presented at:  Global                Natural Resource Monitoring and Assessments:  Preparing for the 21st Century, Venice, Italy.
Hegyi, F., and Walker, P.A., 1990.  Remote Sensing and GIS Applications to Resource Inventory in Canada, Presented at:  International Symposium on Primary                  Data Acquisition, Manaus, Brazil.
Hegyi, F. 1990.    Canada’s Forest Capital. Presented at the Canada’s Timber Resources – a National Conference. Victoria, B.C.
Hegyi, F.,  1990.  GIS, Remote Sensing and Video Technology Integration, Presented at: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,                       Commission VII, Mid-term Symposium, Victoria, British Columbia.
Hegyi, F.,  1990.  Multi-Resource Inventory Techniques with Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Presented at:  International Society for                    Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Commission VII, Mid-term Symposium, Victoria, British Columbia
Hegyi, F., Walker, P. 1991. Multi Resource Inventories with Air and Space Borne Digital Remote Sensing, GIS and Vide Imaging: Tomorrow’s Vision, a Reality Today.               GIS 91, Vancouver, B.C.
Hegyi, F., Pilon, P., Walker, P. 1992. Replacing Aerial Photo Interpretation in Resource Inventories with Integrated Digital Images and GIS. GIS 92, Vancouver, B.C.
Hegyi, F., Pilon, P., Walker, P. 1992. ISPRS Congress Replacing Aerial Photos in Resource Inventories with Airborne Digital Data and GIS. XVII Congress of the ISPRS,              Washington, D.C.
Hegyi, F.  1992. Multi-resource Inventories with Remote Sensing, GIS and Video Imaging, 6th Australasian Remote Sensing Conference, Wellington, New Zealand.
Hegyi, F.  1995. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications for Multi-Resource Inventories in Canada. In The Canadian Remote                   Sensing Contribution to Understanding Global Change. Edited by E. LeDrew, M. Strome and F. Hegyi. Department of Geography Publications                   Series, No. 38, University of Waterloo.
Hegyi. F. 2001.  Challenges in Wireless Data Transmission. In Proceedings of Canada Disaster Management Workshop, held in Ottawa, Canada on October 22-23,                 2001
Hegyi, F. and A.K Mookerjee. 2003. GIS and GPS based asset management for Road and Railway Transportation Systems in India. Proceedings of Map India 2003,                published in a Conference website.


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