The Recipes of Canadian Martys Church

Formally: Recepies of St Margaret Mary’s Church


Over 150 recepies of the Canadian Martys church have been contributed by church members to share it with the congregation and friends. They been compiled in a book with colour pictures of each recipe. The recipes are crouped into the following classes:

*  Appetizers      *Meat

* Breakfast         *Fish

*Poultry              *Vegetarian and Pasta

*Salads               *Dips and Spread


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¨Food glorious food¨, remember this song from the broadway musical of “Oliver”.  Most of us love food, who doesn’t? And yes, there are times when we dream of a certain food to be tried or experimented with, so what do we do? We search the internet for a special dish.  Well, you have come to the right place.  This book offers recipes from appetizers to desserts and they all are mouth watering.  I sure enjoyed going through all these wonderful recipes and I hope you will. 

As the French say “Bon appetit!”.   by Jocelyne Drouin-Delowsky