Should we Believe in God, Allah or other Dieters


This book is about religion and highlighting the different worships that people are engaging. The aim of the book is to present an unbiased view that all religious beliefs are leading the way to a Supreme Being they call it God, Allah or other deities.

I have had the experience beyond this life. When I was 72 years, I had a severe Stroke. I was unconscious for 4 weeks and the doctors told my family to prepare for the worst. My spirit seemed to have left my body in an unconscious way. The doctors put me in a coma, and my spirit was waiting, will I return?  I was hoping that the time is not yet to die, I wanted to see my family again.  When I woke up after 4 weeks in a coma, I saw my wife holding my hand, and it was reassuring. I could only say “Hi” but, it was my communication! I was alive and I wanted to be well again.  My vocabulary was 20 words and my right side was paralyzed.  I took all the courses for 5 month in the hospital; I wanted to get well again. I had the Stroke 6 years ago. I did recover my vocabulary in English (80%) and Hungarian (50%), and my ability to walk is about 90%. I am 100% back at work, working on a publication of an article for a journal (I am a research scientist), and in the evening, I am writing my books (6th one and continuing).

After this review at age 78 years old, I believe that there is a supreme being called God, Allah or other Deities. The gender is neutral but he/she/it watches over us. It is wrong to fight over the love of God. The Supreme Being loves all of us. Through religion, we get together in a congregation and we rejoice in loving one another.